Open Water Scuba Instructor

Curly is our resident action figure (and self-proclaimed) cheeseball.  He is also the curator of Curly's Curious Night Dives as well as many of the creative contests we have at the store!  For a good chuckle, see if you can find what we call the  "bobble-head video" clip where Curly announced the winner of one of our contests; it's on our Facebook page.  If you want to do something unusual (dusk dive, dawn dive?), Curly is all over that, so just call and ask for him!

Aside from all this, when you dive with him, you can tell how much Curly loves to dive and he is also into underwater photography and ID-ing all the cool stuff he sees.  

Interested in gear comparisons, unusual dive sites, or sun protection tips?  Then click on the links below to read some of Curly's blogs:

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