If you've been diving with Jay, you've experienced his constant good humor and ability to go with the flow like no one you've ever met...and have a blast while doing it. Jay has worked with us on and off since 2007 (more on than off) and in the summer of 2015 achieved PADI's highest instructional rating - Course Director! If you're looking for a career change, you just might find yourself in one of his upcoming Instructor courses!

Jay, also known as Scheesh, JayLo, Wrong Way Jay (he denies that one) and yes, Manta Ray Jay, enjoys long walks on the beach and classical music.

But he doesn't want us to say that. He's also an avid poker player and all around waterman with years of east coast life guarding experience in his not-too-distant past (this also makes him an excellent person to take the Rescue class with)! For more from Jay, you can check out some of his past blog submissions:

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