Requirements: minimum age of 10
Time: Approx. 7AM - 12PM, 4-6 hours
Diver Medical: download
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Scuba Maui Intro Dive
Learn the basics

Scuba Maui Intro Dive
Swim with the turtles

"Scuba Maui?" Why yes! With an Introductory Dive - $149

You can try scuba diving with no previous experience or certification. An Introductory Scuba Dive is just the thing for you.

Introductory dives from shore are just $149 which includes everything; rental gear, brief lessons, and an exciting underwater tour!

***Special Note: You cannot fly (or visit altitude) after your dive, so please do not book your dive for the same day you are scheduled to fly. Divers should plan an 18 hour surface interval between diving and flying.


What to Expect

In this introductory session, you'll actually be swimming with the marine life of Maui. Here's what you need to know:

  • You'll dive with a certified PADI instructor.
  • These intro dives are done from the beach in warm, shallow ocean waters.
  • Meet at our shop (see map) at 7:00 AM to get geared up.
  • Follow us to the nearby dive site where we give you a briefing on equipment, safety, equalization techniques, underwater skills, and let you know about what you'll be seeing as we dive.
  • Once we're geared up, we walk into calm, shallow water where we practice some skills.
  • Let the diving begin! We'll stay down as long as our air supply lets us. 
  • We always make sure FUN is a top priority!


FAQs & Reminders

What makes an Introductory Dive with Maui Dreams Dive Co unique?

We stay down as long as possible! Our bottom time depends on your comfort level and your air consumption. We use 80 cf tanks (the "big ones") because we want to provide you with MAXIMUM bottom time! An average introductory dive lasts an hour.

Want to go again?

For only $40 more, you can get right back in the water with your instructor for a second dive!

My friend isn't certified, but I am. Can I join them for the Introductory Dive? 

Of course you can! We know how much fun it is to see someone dive for the first time. 

Do I have to know how to swim to try scuba?

YES. We are going swimming.  Underwater! And maybe a little on the surface.  All participants must be comfortable in the water and able to swim.

Do I need a medical clearance to try scuba?

Maybe.  Click here to review the medical history questionnaire BEFORE you call and book with us.  If you've had Covid-19 or are on any medications, you will need your doctor's permission to dive, but those aren't the only conditions that could trigger that requirement.  Read the form thoroughly.  On the other hand, don't be discouraged if you need to visit with your doctor - we get students with medical clearances every week!


Type A personalities should click here for even MORE details in our blog!



  • Meet at the shop at 7:00 AM
  • Bring your completed Discover Scuba Diving Forms 
  • Bring signed Diver Medical (if required).
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from shop and dive sites.
  • 48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy. Click here for details.


Ready to try diving?

Complete the form below to inquire about a dive date. Or just give us a call at (808) 874-5332 and we'll take it from there.

Want us to get your inquiry? Please 'check' the box above and the flight attendant will be right with you!



Fair warning: Scuba Diving is addictive! So please, dive responsibly.