Maddy Rich

Maddy Rich
Open Water Scuba Instructor

We snatched Maddy up from aaaaaaaaaaalllll the way across the country in the spring of '18.  She came to us as a scuba instructor who'd already certified bunches of divers at Cornell University, where she previously taught.

Here in our shop, she's known as "the science girl" and there's not one of us who hasn't learned something from her yet (or who hasn't been coerced into being an extra in one of her science videos).

To the rest of our customers, she's known as an instructor with infinite creativity in her teaching, and an enthusiasm for the ocean that she aims to share with every diver she meets.

In 2019, Maddy authored a distinctive specialty certification that was approved by PADI, the Endemic Fish of Hawaii.  Fish nerds are loving it and everyone else who takes the course is turning into a fish nerd!

If you really want to get her going, talk to her about her rock climbing experiences, or ask her about MIKE.  We dare you.

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